About Us


About Us

MSSInfotech stands for Mega Software Solutions.. It is among the leading global information technology consulting, services and business process organizations, offering services to clients around the globe.

MssInfotech has a diverse enough team of web designers and developers to cater to all kinds of your web design needs. We have extensive ideas on most open source LAMP(php/mysql) scripts that are popular and provide robust platforms to build your website on. This knowledge greatly helps in decreasing your overall cost & turnaround time for developing the quick web design/solution for you. Recenty, we have gained extensive experience in Flash Content Management System(CMS). Now you can manage contents of your Flash animation rich website from a php/mysql back end. As an offshore web design company and online solution provider, mssinfotech is in a unique position to serve you right because we have the best combination, affordability and quality. We cater to the web designing needs of people from all over the world and especially to those companies and individuals interested in outsourcing their web solution requirements to the best offshore company at affordable prices.

We value collaboration, excellent design and software quality..

Our History

MSSInfotech is based in Bhopal, India, established in 2007. Having 9 years of experience, we are pioneer in providing total offshore and local web-based solutions for small to large enterprises as well as other web design companies, large corporate companies and other web solution providers with a competitive advantage by enabling them to focus on their core activities rather than identifying website requirements.

Our Mission

Your digital products are not just pieces of code. They are your business your brand and your future wrapped together into a special package of value for your customers. We are here to help you deliver incredible mobile and web applications on time and on budget. We hve been doing this for innovative companies for almost a decade and we hope you are the next success story we work with.

Our Vision

We value collaboration, excellent design, and software quality. We believe that investing heavily in our team and specializing in open-source tools like Ruby on Rails are the best ways to translate these values into innovative software products for you.We are guided by our Values FIRST across all our relationships-clients, stakeholders, and associates. We believe this is fundamental to accomplishing our goals.